Car Accident Injury Trends For 1999-2008

To put into perspective just how integral driving has become in our society, consider the following: in 1980, motor vehicles in the United States traveled approximately 1.527 trillion miles on the nation’s roads and highways. In 2007 that number reached an all-time high of 3.032 trillion miles. That is a number that is difficult to grasp, but it means that American drivers put enough miles on their vehicles in 2007 to travel to the sun and back 16,310 times. Given this simply staggering amount of driving it is unavoidable that there will be a considerable amount of motor vehicle accidents, and each year millions of drivers are forced to contend with this harsh reality. One point of encouragement is that the rate of injuries per accident has been experiencing a steady decline. This is of little comfort to those who are hurt in an accident caused by another party’s negligence, however.

There are many different factors that affect the severity of an accident. Vehicles that are equipped with more safety features are obviously more likely to protect their occupants than those which have fewer; crashes involving intoxicated motorists are apt to be more severe because of that person’s inability to appropriately respond to looming dangers; and the speed and angle of impact at the time of a collision also shape a car accident’s effects. Understanding your legal rights can help you to determine whether it might be appropriate for you to file a lawsuit against a negligent driver or carmaker for the injuries that you have suffered.

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A Promising Sign and a Widespread Problem

It is certainly encouraging to observe that the rate of injury in motor vehicle accidents appears to be consistently shrinking. But it is important not to lose sight of the fact that millions of lives are still affected by the negligence of another motorist or company each and every year. The following statistics regarding the incidence of injuries in automobile accidents were gathered and reported by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration for the period from 1999-2008:

1999- 51.5 % (3,236,238 How To Buy A Used Car From A Private Party injuries)

2000 – 49.87 % (3,188,750 injuries)

2001 – 47.96 % (3,032,672 injuries)

2002 – 46.33 % (2,926,000 injuries)

2003 – 45.65 % (2,889,000 injuries)

2004 – 45.11 % (2,788,000 injuries)

2005 – 43.82 % (2,699,000 injuries)

2006 – 43.11 % (2,575,000 New Vs Used Car Reddit injuries)

2007 – 41.35 % (2,491,000 injuries)

2008 – 40.37 % (2,346,000 injuries)

For Legal Advice Regarding Your Rights

You may be able to file a civil lawsuit seeking financial compensation for your injuries. Contact the Stevens Point car accident lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier, S.C., to discuss your potential case with a skilled and experienced attorney.