Can The 2008 Jeep Liberty Outperform the Best?

When off-road performance is taken into account, the 2008 Jeep Liberty clearly leads in performance for its class. In fact, when price and other criteria are figured into the equation, the Liberty for 2008 occupies a category all its own. It does this by combining its Jeep off-road heritage with improved town and country handling, with two different four-wheel drives available that add reliability and toughness for off-road and sport use while they add confidence, comfort and performance to any ride on any city street or high-speed freeway.
The design of the Jeep Liberty for 2008 is pure Jeep tough, with just a bit of refinement so that the vehicle does not look altogether out of place at an elegant party on a country estate or club. The Liberty is indeed one of the Jeep models that clearly carries the Jeep heritage of utility vehicles on its classic, paneled Hyundai Tucson 7 Seater doors and back, but the panels are enhanced with a slightly sculpted look that gives it a more user-friendly and inviting look than its more utilitarian ancestors ever had. It is a country squire’s car, that nevertheless is at home on roads that might have once been conquered by pickup trucks and other off-road vehicles.
As far as performance is concerned, the Liberty is designed to deliver. It features a redesigned steering column and suspension system that adds maneuverability and diminishes response time, so the 2008 Liberty is ready to roll in the city or on the highway just as it is on country roads or when pulling a camping trailer. Its 3.7-liter V6 standard engine is more than sufficient for top driving performance, and a choice Rate My Car Salesman of manual or automatic transmission is available with this engine. Four-wheel drive capability is available either in the usual part-time format or in the newly introduced Selec-Trac full-time mode; either option provides reliable four-wheel drive performance whether this SUV is actually being driven off-road, or whether the four-wheel drive option is being deployed to deal with wet or icy road conditions in town.
Attention has also been paid to interior seating and trim. Driver and passengers alike enjoy a more comfortable ride thanks to a longer wheelbase and redesigned seating areas. The instrument panel has been redesigned for convenience and a more professional appearance, and switches have been moved to allow for easier access. Cargo space, which is a serious consideration for most drivers of this type of vehicle, is rather ample, and when the rear seats are folded down the 2008 Jeep Liberty can haul practically anything necessary for an off-road or sporting adventure. It is also a star as far as Federally mandated front and side impact tests are concerned, meriting a five-star badge from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
The Jeep Liberty 2008 is in a class by itself. Its off-road heritage makes it a top choice for rugged on-road adventures, from safely traveling icy roads in ski areas to negotiating Sunday evening traffic from the beach to the city.

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