Camping – Food Preparation and Packing Tips

Camping – Food Preparation and Packing Tips

Cooking your meals during camping is not as difficult as some new campers seem to think. Everything is made easy by preparing well for it. The first tip that every camper should remember is refrain from buying camping supply that you will not need. It will not only add to the burden of carrying heavy stuff but it will just take more space in the cooler. The best way to make sure you have packed enough is by writing up a menu plan. This way you get to measure all the ingredients by the number of people eating them.

If you are quite unsure about it then just follow the rule of the thumb when buying a tent. If you need 2-person tents, better get a tent that can hold another person. The extra space will be allotted for your bags and other camping essentials. The same thing when it comes to food preparation. If you are aiming to cook for two persons, prepare a dish that can provide for three people. Before packing them up, make sure you chop the ingredients at home and put them in separate zip-lock bags. Label them properly so you will not be scrambling for them later on.

Prepare the snacks early on and put them separately on zip-loc bags. Make sure you put then together according to your daily menu. It is not only easier that way but it lessen the danger of spoiling any of it. The items inside the cooler will remain organized and it will be easy to clean later on. Cooking outside the comforts of your kitchen can be challenging but if you bring with you the kitchen essentials then you can easily prepare meals. Check your camping supply list and make sure you add aluminum foil, disposable plates, utensils, bowls, coffee cups, paper towels, garbage bags, can opener, kitchen knife, cutting board, cooking utensils and versatile pans.

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After making sure you have everything in your list, do not forget the portable camping stove and grill. Check on the fuel tank and bring extra fuel supply. You also may bring firewood just in case you cannot find any on the camping grounds. Butane lighter is also a must-have. Bring plastic containers for leftover food. It is better to store everything properly so as not to attract pests or animals in the area. If you meet or saw any animals loitering around, do not ever make the mistake of feeding them because they will never leave you. There is a huge chance that they will poke into your camping supply container and make a mess out of it.

If you are going to bring a pot, make sure you also bring its matching cover. It will not only heat up faster but protects the food from bugs and other annoying animals. Another last tip, try your best not to bring any ingredients back home. If there, are leftover vegetables or mean, make an omelet before you leave so you are all full before you embark on your trip back home.