Bonus Concept – Supercharge Your Car Dealer Marketing and Branding by Creating a Selling Environment

If you actually want to get the biggest bang for your dollar, there’s an extra step to take once the car dealer marketing and branding work is done-that is making an environment where people really WANT to buy a car.
So many folks blame the financial system for his or her lack of sales… however in 90% of cases, it’s not the economy-it’s the EXPERIENCE you offer them.
Let’s be honest… several used car lots have little space to work with and can be pretty nasty. Does this equate to fewer customers and fewer gross? At some level yes!
However by setting yourself apart from your competitors through your image (on paper and in person) you’ll successfully scale back the event of commodity shopping.
One method to remove yourself from the commodity car game is to make your dealership marvelous. You head to your dealership each day so you’re taking the environment for granted. Think about the first time you go to a new place – a brand new restaurant, a friend’s home or an amusement park. Your eyes are opened wider and your brain is processing new information. You notice everything. It’s simply what we do. Many of your potential clientele are seeing your dealership for the very 1st time and their eyes are wide open and taking it all in.
A great experiment to be certain your customers are “taking in” the correct scenery is to physically walk through the front door of your dealership or your service department like you were a patron. What are the first sights, smells and impressions you experience? How do they make you feel as a “paying customer”. If you don’t like what you see, fix them accordingly.
1st impressions are created in fractions of a second. What Cheap Car Insurance Companies will your dealerships say in a fraction of a second?
Which vehicles are on the front line? Do you have banners and signs that match your image and marketing? Is the sale you promoted in the paper actually taking place? Is the personal experience as professional as the corporate logo?
Nonetheless one among the simplest and cheapest ways to boost the customer’s experience is to CLEAN THE PLACE UP. This could seem obvious, but is so often overlooked. People like clean environments unless they live in a cave. Even the people who we know to be dirty do not like to go out to places and be dirty and filthy.
If your store is screaming for a few TLC, appoint a cleaning service and get the place cleaned up. Don’t overlook the carpets, windows and concrete too. Get rid of the carpets and start fresh if you aren’t able to get it professionally cleaned to get a new look.
A nice coat of paint can do a lot to brighten up the place too. A fresh coat on both the inside and the outside of your building every few years (and touch Why Are Direct To Consumer Car Sales Illegal ups when required) will do more than you would think on the mental state of your customers. However don’t take our word for time you see Sherwin ask him.
Your goal as time goes on should be to strive for a congruency, or a sameness, between your advertising, your image, and the reality of shopping at your store.
As you accomplish a consistent level of professionalism in your marketing, your image, and also the expertise you offer, your brand can begin to rise in worth, making your job of selling and closing much easier every year… all for a fraction of the value of working with overpaid design or marketing experts!

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