BMW – Where The Focus Is On The People Of The Community, Not Just The Cars

There is more to BMW than just luxury vehicles. BMW has recognized that with a popular name comes a lot of responsibility, and they met this responsibility full force. The BMW company has a lot of influence, and thus they touch many people’s lives around the world. The automobiles are certainly recognized for their luxuriousness and cutting edge technologies, and you can see this for yourself at your local BMW.
BMW is keen about giving back to the community in order to thank the people who helped them grow into what they are today – us. Many different programs have been created to help create a connection with communities all across the world for all different types of interests and subjects. BMW has a love for more than just their cars, and they recognize just how important the connection of all different types of community is, including your local BMW.
The first International Center for Automotive Research was created by BMW. Established in the United States at Clemson University, this research center is for people from all over the world to come to and expand their knowledge of vehicles. These are the very people who will grow up to make our cars, safer, more environmentally conscious, and more widely available.
The Scientific Award of the BMW Group is a program established by BMW for young scholars and scientists with outstanding college theses. The Award is comprised of a huge scholarship and introductions New Car Companies to valuable networking connections. This allows these young thinkers to bring their ideas and thoughts to fruition, which can ultimately help create a more forward thinking world.
The musica viva BMW Composition Prize challenges young musicians all over the world to compose music and submit their best. All different types, genres, and styles of music are considered, and many prizes are awarded that are comprised of a large sum of money and the honor of their piece being performed by the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra.
One of the most important ways BMW is giving back is by helping keep our planet green. This is exemplified in their selection of eco-friendly cars available from all of their dealerships, as well as their use of alternative energy for their Spartanburg, North Carolina manufacturing plant. As opposed to using natural gas to power the plant, they built a pipe from Automotive Industry Automotive Companies the landfill that is close by. This pipe transports methane gas, which is used as an energy source. This saves 17,000 tons of greenhouse gases from going into the atmosphere, adding up to enough energy to drive around the world 4,300 times. Spartanburg isn’t the only BMW plant to be more green. Plants all over the world have reduced their emissions by 30%.

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