Biker Jewelry

Biker Jewelry

The biker culture became popular throughout the world after the 1950A�s. It started with various groups interested in motorcycles. But what they love even more is the way they feel when riding their bikes. The biker lifestyle is about freedom, about the rejection of any authority and about discovering new values than the traditional ones.

Even if bikers are not known as fashionable people they have became known through various symbols and signs. Black became representative for the lonely riders, one reason being that black leather jackets, black boots and leather trousers are very often used by them. They even adopt unusual hairstyles from completely shaving their heads, to having long hair or dyeing it red or green. It is all about breaking the social standards.

Among the symbols usually encountered on motorcycles, in the clothes or tattooed on the skin of bikers there are various skulls, flames or signs inspired from tribal tattoos. They also appear in the jewels worn by them. The metals used for these jewels are most often silver or with a silver aspect. Gold or golden jewels are sometimes encountered but gold white gold is preferred.

A trip in the world of biker jewelry might be an interesting voyage. The main idea is to create art from the aspects which are not considered to be good or beautiful. The skull appears very often in the design of these jewels. It may be a human skull, an animal skull sometimes with horns or simply a monstrous skull with fangs or with an evil expression around the face. In other cases skeletal hands may be represented holding different objects like the earth, a heart or an eye.

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There are bracelets, earrings, rings or key-chains meant for bikers which can be purchased from shops in the real or the virtual world as wholesale jewellery. From flaming crosses to spiders building a web, from wolves to dragons you can purchase your favorite items which better represent the expression of a certain feeling of yours.