Bicycle and Car Safety on Major Roadways

Bicyclists and automobile drivers do not always get along when sharing roadways. Many drivers feel that bicyclists greatly slow down the flow of traffic and act as road hazards or obstacles while many bicyclists feel that drivers do not offer them the respect that they believe they deserve when on the road.

But animosity aside, drivers and bicyclists must come to the realization that they both need to act in a responsible manner while on the road to avoid accidents. True safety requires effort on the part of both parties.

Tips for Drivers

There are certain things that a driver should always keep in mind Car Models List A-Z when he or she comes near a bicyclist. These things include:

Leave space–many cities are now enacting laws that require cars to leave at least a three foot distance away from cyclists even when passing or changing lanes.

Be aware of sudden movements–bicyclists often move in an unpredictable manner and unlike cars-which have a variety of very visible signals to indicate future movement-bicyclists can only use their hands as indicators.

Bicyclists can take up a full lane on any given street–most states acknowledge this as law. Even though a bicyclist taking up a whole lane may greatly slow down traffic, it is much safer for the cyclist.

Tips for Cyclists

It is also the responsibility of the bicyclist to take safety seriously. Vehicle Maintenance Pdf Things bicyclists should consider while on the road include:

Leave space between themselves and the car in front or to the side of them

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Wear reflective clothing at night and putting lights on their bikes

Always give the proper hand signals before turning

Bike safety is a two way street, and drivers and cyclists both need to do everything they can to prevent dangerous accidents.

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