Baby Safety – 4 Essential Safety Tips For Your Baby

1. Despite the laws against it in all states, many children still get killed in car accidents for not having car seats or the wrong way of strapping them on the seat. In buying a car safety seat, it is necessary Independent Dealer Meaning that the seat corresponds with the size of the child, fitted to the car seat and its safety systems, is easy for parents to use and can meet all the necessary safety standards established by the federal law.
2. When transporting your baby, make sure that you put her in a child car seat that is approved and safe to use. Never ever leave your child in the car unattended even for a few seconds. Use the curb side if entering or exiting the car with your baby.
3. When about to use the baby car seat, make sure that you read the safety instructions indicated therein and follow them. Seats that are “infant only seat” are for those weighing only up to 20 pounds. You may use them with or without the base when placing it in your used in the vehicle, the handle of the infant-only seats should be down.
4. The infant-only seat should be strapped at the center back seat of the car. That is the safest area of the car for it. Your baby should be rear facing. Never ever Is Autotrader Free To Sell put your child in the front seat where there is an air bag. Not only is it illegal, it is also dangerous as the airbag can easily suffocate and kill your baby.

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