As You Go Out On The Highway, Check Your Car Safety Inventory

No one would want to get into an aircraft if they knew the pilot had neglected even part his inspection of an aircraft before flight. It seems so important and even common sense that if you plan to take a craft up in the air, you better be very sure it is in good working order. For some reason, however, we think nothing of hopping into our automobile and taking off on any length trip without giving a thought to car safety.
Partly to blame is the very human tendency to believe we are invincible, and despite statistically significant data that tells us driving is exceedingly more dangerous the flying, we continue to believe the opposite. The only concern that develops is that we end up accepting the risk of flight despite our concerns, yet do not worry at all about our terrestrial transportation.
Done correctly, a thorough road worthiness check of a vehicle can be accomplished in mere minutes. First of all, our cars are most likely road worthy, so all one needs to do Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller to ensure it is check the critical areas to be sure things have not deteriorated. It is really not so different than the inspection the aircraft undergoes before flight.
First the car exterior should be observed to ensure there has been no physical damage to the glass or frame. The tires should also be observed to ensure they are properly inflated How To Buy Used Cars In Chennai and have no damage that could jeopardize their integrity. Also on the circumspection of the car one should check the wiper blades on the windshield and the rear window.
Next up is the engine, certainly a critical part of any vehicle, and one that is quite often overlooked until it is too late. These days the engine of a vehicle is so complex that there is little one can really do under the hood, with the exception of maintain fluid levels. Therefore, one should check the oil, windshield wiper and transmission fluid.
Finishing with this external portion, one trip around before getting into the driver side, the area behind and around can be observed to ensure there is no damaging material in the pathway of the vehicle, front or rear. Once inside, it is time to check the operation of safety equipment upon which your security depends. After staring the engine, the headlights, taillights and brake lights should be checked.
Properly checking them will require seeing the lights, either with an observer to help, or if the vehicle is in a garage the reflection of the light can be seen against the walls. Then the horn should be sounded to complete the check. The rest of the vehicle is checked through the self illuminating icons on the dash which will indicate any problem.
By carefully attending to such a series of steps before each trip, the certainty of road worthiness will be ascertained. In addition, the maintenance of the vehicle will remain at a level that will ensure no one is in danger from the transportation. The last step in car safety is to ensure the driver is well, rested and not under the influence of any substance that could be a distraction.

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