Army Style Hen Party

Army Style Hen Party

If you are the sportive type an army style hen party might be just the thing for you! But if you are usually elegant or soft an army themed party might suit you just as well. It will give you the opportunity to explore new faces of your personality and it will make your friends’ delight.

Such a party is excellent to relax and feel at ease. The clothes can be very comfortable, any music will do and almost any place is suitable. If you’re the bride-to-be, first of all decide if you want to play a part in the organization of the hen night or you’ll let your friends surprise you with their organizational skills. If you decide for the surprise just give your best friend a hint of what you want. There are a few steps to consider to have the perfect army style hen party in case you decide to be in charge: the setting, the music and the outfits.

The setting is not hard to prepare. Almost any place will do. A caf?� or a room will look perfect if you keep the furniture at minimum and replace wooden cupboards with metal shelves. If you display a few camouflage textiles and nets all around, the scenery will be complete. You can even choose a garden or a courtyard for the party. In fact, it might be an even better idea. A few well placed tents and nets would successfully transform the place.

For the music, hip-hop rhythms are very suitable, but any music is good if it has strong beats and powerfully lyrics. Tell your friends about the theme of the night so they may find specific outfits. Army costumes for such a party are easy to find. Camouflage patterns are a must have. You can choose a funny cadet dress or army leggings and a T-shirt. Don’t forget those little details that will make your outfit perfect: tag necklaces, special face paints, bullet belts, army hats and army wristbands.

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A few well-chosen games will make the party complete. Darts games or some funny contests will fit very well with the theme of the night. An army style hen party might prove to be relaxing and very funny.