A Photo Album From Your Hen Night

A Photo Album From Your Hen Night

The wedding is a lovely event, where everyone joins the bride and the groom in their most special day of their lives. Now, that is the bright side. The truth is that after having a wedding most of the people never want to repeat this experience. This is because of the stress of the wedding preparations, because of the traditional conflict between the parents-in-law and many other problems which appear on these occasions.

But a short time before the wedding there is a certain event which draws your attention from all that. Tradition requires that every bride should be honored by her friends through a party. However wild or tamely the hen night is, it surely offers you a moment when you can let your hair down and enjoy the last party as an unmarried woman.

A hen night photo album is a great idea for a gift when you are only a guest at this party. You can also bring a photo camera to take pictures of everyone at the party. If you are the bride-to-be or the organizer of the hen night you can decide to remember this night years after by admiring the photos of you and of your group of friends.

The tricky part about bringing a camera to a hen night comes when the party goes too wild. The usual plan for such a party involves leaving aside inhibitions and having fun. One way or the other the album will fall into the wrong hands. So, only take pictures in the moments which can be acceptable for your partners. If they are very open-minded, donA�t hesitate to add in your album pictures of the hottest moments of the night.

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Not all the parties go in that direction, but that is the general trend. Perhaps you will only watch a movie with your girls, dance through the night or turn the entire thing into a pajama party where everyone will play dare and share naughty secrets. To spice up any party in this period you can buy Christmas Tights which make you look very sexy in every outfit. You can invite all your friends to wear these red tights, or you can be the hottest future-bride who qualifies to be SantaA� s help.