A Good Deal for the Good Dealer: 5 Great Ideas for Car Dealership Postcard Campaigns

Car dealerships can benefit a lot from the advantages offered by a new technique called postcard marketing. Below are a few things to remember when preparing for a dealership through postcard mailing:

Showcase the Finest Cars – The main thing customers will be looking for in car dealership postcards are the types of vehicles available at said dealership. As such, the company must try and include a line-up of their best, most popular cars. Brand, popularity and versatility can be very beneficial when it comes to car dealers. Potential buyers will be pleased to know that they can have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to cars.

Include a Map of the Location – Car dealerships are often located at large areas with which to house all types of automobiles. When using postcard marketing, one must make sure to include the location of the dealership, preferably at the back of the card. If possible, devote half of the back of the card to a location map (keeping in mind the addition of familiar establishments and streets). Customers wishing to purchase from a car dealer should of course know where the dealer is located.

Maintain a Professional Design – Some car dealers suffer from a ‘shady’ reputation, a fact that has become evident in news and pop culture. This can be partly attributed to the false cheeriness that accompanies most dealership advertisements. For car dealership postcard marketing campaign, one must make sure to implement designs that Graco Slimfit 3-In-1 Convertible Car Seat will make the postcards look professional. Times New Roman, Verdana, and other script and Serif fonts can help project a solid postcard design that conveys seriousness and sincerity. Bright colors should be used in moderation, while low-tone ones such as beige, brown, or black, while risky, provide a sense of elegance and simplicity.

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Know the Neighborhood – It is important to know the target market for a car dealership, just as restaurants, choose locations where large amounts of people are situated. As such, one must remember to perform postcard mailing in neighborhoods where there is a great need of cars. With this in mind, customers who receive the postcards will be sure to keep them for later use.

Keep Contact Numbers Handy – Because this type of marketing is a print-oriented endeavor, the need to speak faster to cut down on radio or local TV ad time Hyundai Venue Build And Price is eliminated. Feel free to devote a substantial amount of space on the postcard to displaying the e-mail addresses, cellular phone and telephone numbers.