A Girls Guide to Creating a Basic Car Survival Kit

If you are a girly girl, you are a mean, lean makeup machine, you should know how to do your lashes with one hand on your mascara and one hand on your steering wheel. A woman’s purse is an urban survival kit. Your purse is filled with everything necessary for a stress free day; Tide pen for stains, floss for anything in your teeth, extra mascara, tissues, band aids, and a nail file. What about a survival kit for your car? Car survival kits are necessary for everyone, especially our damsels in distress. Let’s face it; our knight in shining armor may not be available when needed. I’m going to give you some must have items to keep in your car. Get a cute bag to store the items and your car will have a purse of it’s own.

This car purse of goodies isn’t going to save you from a shattering earthquake. If you are stranded because your car has a minor hiccup this survival kit can help keep you safe until assistance arrives!

Blankets or sleeping bags Car Maintenance Schedule App will keep you warm.

1 change of clothes just in case the Buy Pre Owned Car one you were wearing gets wet.

A candle and lighter for warmth. Make sure to crack the window a little bit to let fumes out of the car.

Who knows how long it will be until help arrives! Pack Trailmix or power bars and water for sustenance.

Reflective triangles to place around the car and about 20 feet back to signal other drivers or potential rescuers.

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Flashlight is a must. Other than being a light source you can take a look at your car and see any damage.

Jumper cables to charge your car battery. If you don’t know how to use them see my next blog where I will go over the proper way to jump your car.

Small Shovel just in case you happen to get stuck in mud or snow.

For road trips it’s good to keep a local map and a general highway map. If you’re anything like me I tend to get lost often.

All the stress of being stranded could you get you a few cuts and broken nails. A basic first aid kit should have band aids and ibuprofen for pain.

Towels to wipe or clear a smudged window. Can also act as a grip to open caps or to hold very hot or cold items.

Multi tool (knife, pliers, scissors)

If you can get an old cell phone keep one charged in your car. All old cell phones can dial 911 for emergencies.

Stay safe in an emergency and make sure to get your car’s emergency kit before hitting the road!