A Few Reminders When Decorating Your Aquarium – Choosing the Right Accessories

A Few Reminders When Decorating Your Aquarium – Choosing the Right Accessories

From the shopping of the accessories to installing the air pumps to adding the decorative elements, decorating a fish tank is a fun activity. But there a few reminders you need to understand before undertaking this step. Learn from this piece of information how to choose the right accessories and decorate your aquarium successfully.

The Required Accessories

There are different accessories for your aquarium. Some of them will be required while others are added as optional elements. What are the required accessories? The required elements that can be both aesthetically pleasing and helpful in allowing the fishes to survive are air pumps, filters, and lights. If you are keeping tropical fishes, you might also need to install a heater to keep them alive.

The Safety of Your Fishes with Decorations

The optional decorative elements are always the fun part of this whole activity. There are many accessories like plants, sunken ships, castles, and logs. These are the usual themes with most aquarium decorations. But with all these beautiful pieces, never forget to maintain the safety of your pets. Make sure that there are no holes in these items where the fishes might get stuck in. Be careful of your decors and make sure these do not have rough edges.

A Caution with Pebbles and Gravel

Another important part of the water environment for the fishes is the stones, gravel, pebbles, and similar accessories. Gravel is strongly recommended because this material is easy to clean. Just avoid rough edges as this may jeopardize the fishes. Make sure that these are all properly sanitized. You do not want these items to serve as the carrier of disease in your tank, do you?

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How to Sanitize?

Sanitizing the accessories that you intend to put in your tank is very necessary. How do you do this? You just soak them in a bucket of water mixed with antibiotic. Soak them for at least 24 hours to kill all the disease-spreading germs.

Plants as Decorations

Plants can provide the soothing green color and an interesting backdrop to your aquarium. Although you can always opt to have the real plants in your tank, it is also recommended to have the artificial plants. These artificial plants last longer because the fishes are not able to torn them.


With all these reminders, decorating your fish tank will surely be a fun activity. Follow these tips and you will surely have success growing your fishes and, at the same time, have a pleasing aquarium at home.