9 Ways To Sell More With The Money You Already Spend

Every two minutes a car is sold using gravitational marketing. We have spent over $96 million dollars in marketing and we’ve tested the results of our gravitational marketing techniques and campaigns with excruciating exactness.
Here are a few things we’ve found along the way that you can use to make your advertising and promotion more efficient and draw more consumers to your store naturally.
1. Take a position. If you want your advertising to be effective which sells out the number of cars you want to sell, then at first you must ask yourself a very vital question: Since the client has a thousand other techniques, as to why in the world should they select you? Should it be because you specialize in getting people agreed who can’t get accepted anywhere else? Maybe that you are a fun and family oriented place to buy a car or you give more in trade value than any other dealer. Maybe you are more moral or you cater to women. Should it be because you specialize in trucks or fuel efficient cars?
Your results rely less on what we would write in your commercial than how your dealership is positioned in the minds of your prospects. Price, service and durability don’t count and don’t sell. You must choose a GPS – Gravitational Positional Statement. A GPS is a statement that gives your marketing direction and your customers a road map to find you. Your GPS needs to be opted before any publicity is created or located. It may take research. The answer may be buried in your customers. Find it.
2. Big Hooks. The second most important decision is this: what can you promise a customer that will make him drop everything and come to your store? We’re not talking about a slogan or a catchy phrase or a theme. A hook is somewhat a big promise which delivers a really good benefit which solves a problem and also delivers an irresistible offers to the prospect. This benefit should be unique to you and it should be aggressive. And you must be able to deliver on what you promise. Most advertising offers no substance, makes no promises and offers, no big reasons why the customers should do trade with you. Same old lame marketing doesn’t sell. It reeks. Without a hook you catch no fish.
3. A Big Idea. The big idea is actually a unifying theme for a dealership. It gives the consumer a point of reference. This gives the consumer the ability to relate to your idea and to you. Without a big idea your marketing will be boring, puzzled and uninteresting. Boring ads are invisible. You need a BIG Idea in order for your marketing to grab your prospects by the throat and wake them up and get them to test drive, take action and buy. A big Idea is usually based on Ockham’s Razor which states “All other things being equal, the most effective solution is the best.”
The big ideas are actually not very easy to create or to identify. They come via flashes of brilliance while in the shower, midnight half conscious visions. Often ignored, not taken seriously or lost in a fleeting moment. Once captured, they start as a lump of coal that must be polished into a radiant diamond. BIG Ideas are worth digging for. A good one can be worth many millions and last a lifetime, like Gravitational Marketing.
4. Emotions sell. People buy from other people. They make decision based on emotions. How they feel about someone is a big factor in buying. Given a alternative they would choose to buy from friend or family. People don’t get emotional over companies. Number 1 priority should be to incorporate the personality into your advertising. Stodgy, stiff and corporate-like marketing message don’t vibrate – and they don’t sell either.
5. They snooze, you lose. The biggest ever crime committed by the ad agency was by creating a boring advertising. It ought to be forbidden. Unfortunately it’s done every day. Bad car advertising is ultimately an epidemic in the society. Most car ads are impersonal, lifeless monsters. Good advertising exudes qualities, confidence and attract. It affects people at their emotional core. Make your marketing exciting, compelling and fresh by matching the internal dialogue your clients are having.
6. Don’t sell vehicles. Advertising vehicles in your advertising is a bad idea. Cars are property. Every dealership has the same vehicles, with similar options and prices. Marketing vehicles causes price shopping, haggling and terrible grosses. One should advertise something different other than the automobiles.
Sell the deal and the dealership. Stop selling Car Accessories Buzzfeed commodities. Start promoting solutions.
7. Accelerate the market. Less than 8% of your market is looking to buy a car today. A small percentage that gets diced up and dealt to every dealer in town. Success manifests from transporting non-intenders into the buyers circle today. You build your own instant pool of prospects.
8. Clarity. Most promoting campaigns not have clarity. They have more than one call to action. They are actually put under immence pressure to perform far too many duties. What Do Car Dealers Do With Unsold New Cars The outcome is poor performance in all areas. Favorable returns are only attained when a single, clearly defied, essential promise is made with repetition and frequency.
9. Who’s your agency. There are a lot of so-called specialists, marketing people and agencies out there. Many are former car sales men, managers or else media salespeople. These are not promoting people. They’re sales people. Advertising is a science and an art. It requires a complicated mind-a enthusiastic student. It takes years of study, testing and failing. It just requires a bit of understanding of human psychology, salesmanship, persuasion and the copywriting. You must also know the car business.
A good automotive adman understands the awareness of the car buyer. This type of person is required to make automotive advertising work. Success comes from a passion and commitment to the craft. There are very few agencies on the planet with owners who possess these qualifications. We do.

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