5 Top Safety Solutions To Distracting Car Audio Systems

When driving it is vital that you keep a close eye on the road, in order to avoid accidents. Notably, drivers often found the most distracting item on the road is in fact their source of entertainment, the car audio system. Fiddling Best Convertible Car Seat 2019 about with CD’s can be potentially dangerous, often meaning you keep your eyes off the road for longer than the 10 seconds you are suppose to. Here’s a few ways you can still have a car audio system without the potential hazards…
(1) With the popularity of the Mp3 player, most music lovers have removed their old car audio systems in favour of car Mp3 CD players. Why? It not only gives you more freedom over your music and a better reign of choice, it enables you to be safer on the road as there are no CD’s to change (which may in fact be distracting). Overall the car Mp3 player is a better choice of system.
(2) Sat-Nav has recently been introduced into car audio systems, enabling you to buy you Sat-Nav and audio player all in one! Sat-Nav can be very useful as it simply tells you where to go and in some cases, in fact more and more so, the best routes, leaving you free to concentrate solely on your driving rather than the directions. Most in-car multimedia Sat-Navs are now controlled by voice activation, reducing the risk of you getting distracted on the road.
(3) Another technology that helps aid safety on the road is Dual Zone technology. If the kids at the back are always arguing or complaining about your choice of music, this is the perfect technology to quiet them down. Arguments and complaints can be distracting and frustrating for any driver, that’s why Dual Zone comes in handy. It enables the driver and passenger at the front to do as they please, i.e. listen to music, whilst the back passengers keep entertained (i.e. they can watch a film on attached screens). It enables every family member to get what they want entertainment wise, decreasing the likelihood of in-car tantrums and in turn decreasing the chances of the driving being distracted by the kids.
(4) Car multimedia systems can now also use other multimedia sources, besides the iPod and iPhone, such as USB’s and Micro SD/SD cards. These two multimedia devices will stop the urge Subaru Dealer Bendigo to fiddle with your external multimedia device as you can only change the music on the stereo alone, through either flicking through on the touch screen or by voice activation.
(5) Number 5 on our list is Bluetooth. It enables you to connect your phone and speak through the stereo, rather than you having to pull up and have a conversation. With a few modern systems you can activate a call by voice control, enabling you to focus on the road. Bluetooth players are a far easier and safer option as unlike handsfree they can be activated by your voice, rather than by touch. Although Bluetooth can be distracting, it is needed and is less so by implementing voice activation technologies.

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