5 Exhibitions and Fairs in Malta Worth Visiting

Being an island in the Mediterranean, Malta does not attract the world’s largest exhibitions and trade fairs, but the country nevertheless is still home to some interesting shows. Below we take a look at some of the many exhibitions and fairs which take place in Malta each year.
Lejlet Lapsi – Notte Gozaitana – This is an annual event which celebrates the energy of youth and culture in Malta. There are a number of concerts in which big names on the Malta music scene partake, festivals, street precessions and fireworks displays. The re-enactments of historic events are also a big part of proceedings and are especially valuable to those who want to learn more about the colourful history of this country. This is truly a great way to explore the city of Gozo.
The Valletta Photography Festival – The Valleta Photography Festival is held with the aim of improving awareness and appreciation for contemporary photography in Malta, but is also well attended by international visitors who appreciate the quality of the work on display here. The seminars held during the show are valuable to those wishing to enhance their understanding of the art of photography, whilst the imaginative photos will appeal to all.
AMITEX Air Malta International Travel Exhibition – Each year the Trade Fair grounds in Naxxar play host to this hugely successful travel exhibition which attracts in excess of 25,000 people. There are displays here from both local and international companies related to the travel 2018 Cars For Sale industry, and the open door policy makes it a great place to learn about the best travel products in the area. For anyone working in the field of travel this show is a great chance to network and expand or establish your presence in Malta as well as many other countries.
Annual sports exhibition – Gozo Sports Complex – This is a great exhibition to attend if you have kids, or if you are a teacher planning a school trip. There are many sporting disciplines in which children can participate, including mainstream, sports as well as others such as karate and gymnastics. The exhibition is a great chance for kids to learn about the importance of exercise, how to properly perform their chosen discipline and also to improve their skills in participation. For adults there are lessons in teaching and group control to be learned.
Malta Car Show – Everyone loves a good car show, and this extravaganza in Malta is a great excuse to visit this fabulous country. There are a range of exhibitions to explore Carsdirect and the drag races which form part of the show are a really good way of differentiating from the standard car shows which take place around the world each year.

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