4 Tips For Staying Safe When Repairing Your Vehicle

More people than ever are working on their cars at home rather than paying a tow truck to haul them to a nearby repair shop. The fact is, OEM parts can be purchased easily Best Convertible Car Seat 2019 online and shipped directly to your door. If you have a little experience with working under the hood, you can often repair your vehicle in less time for a lower cost.
Having said that, attention wanes and accidents happen. It’s not uncommon for a simple maintenance item (for example, replacing a battery) to cause serious injuries. With this in mind, here are four tips that all but guarantee your safety while you’re working on your car.
#1 – Keep A First Aid Kit Nearby
Again, accidents happen. Even if you have a lot of experience working under the hood of your vehicle and know nearly everything your mechanic knows, you can still become injured. Make sure you have a first aid kit within immediate reach. Nobody plans to get battery acid on themselves or to sustain nasty cuts, but these things occur. Be prepared in the event they do.
#2 – Know Your Limits
Chances are, you can’t lift as much weight as you think. Nor are you as flexible as you once were. When changing tires or taking out the cylinder head, know your limits. Some parts are heavy or require aggressive straining. Be especially careful if you have Used Trucks For Sale In Indonesia a bad back or persistent knee problems. Also, some of your vehicle’s components may be positioned in a way that you need to twist your body to reach them. Keep in mind that optimism about your flexibility can leave you with severely strained muscles.
#3 – Get Rid Of Loose Clothes
There are many moving parts under your car’s hood. Pulleys and belts can easily ensnare loose sleeves, jewelry, and hair. Don’t wear loose clothing. Take all pieces of jewelry off, including your watch. If you have longer hair, make sure that it is securely tied behind you before you start working on your vehicle.
#4 – Watch For High Temperatures
When your car is on, many of the parts become extremely hot. If you’re not wary, you can suffer bad burns. It’s worth noting that high temperatures are not limited to your engine and transmission. Your catalytic converter, radiator, and various pipes all need to cool down before you put on your weekend mechanic’s hat.
Just because it’s easy to purchase OEM parts online doesn’t mean you can ignore basic auto repair safety. Keep a first aid kit within reach, know your physical limits, avoid wearing loose-fitting items, and be careful of hot components. It does little good to save a few dollars repairing your own vehicle if you’re injured in the process.

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