3 Common Car Problems

Good news is that, there are already guides on the internet which aides in diagnosing your car problem. And some of these problems can easily be fixed by mechanics. Some of these problems, if found at an early time will help prevent an accident from happening.
Air Conditioner Won’t Cool
If you are living in a warm country, most likely, you would turn on your car’s air conditioning system the whole time you are driving. And it would be a big headache if you get into your car and find out that your air conditioning system is not working. The three common causes of this problem is either you’re A/C power source is not working properly, your car does not have enough refrigerant or your car’s compressor is having a problem.
Engine won’t crank Car General Service Checklist and start
Below are some of the major causes of a specific engine problem.
Won’t Crank and Won’t Start
1. Low battery power is a major cause why your engine won’t crank and start. Check the battery voltage, recharge it if the power is low, or jump start with another vehicle.
2. Loose or Corroded battery cables might also be Mid Size Car Features a reason why your engine won’t start properly.
3. Bad starter relay wiring or ground connection. Inspect the wiring connection, clean and tighten it if needed.
4. Bad ignition switch
5. Coolant leakage can cause an engine hydrolock. A leakage in the coolant system might be caused by a leaky head gasket.
Rough or Bouncy Ride
If you formerly ride your car in a very smooth manner and suddenly it just turned so bumpy and rough, then you surely are having a problem with your car. Fixing this problem is quite easy. All you have to do is to have a professional mechanic look over your car’s shock absorbers and struts. At the very first sign of rough ride, it would be better to immediately have your car looked by professionals as the problem can easily and quickly be fixed and returned back to its normal ride. But there are also cases wherein you will need to buy new shocks and/or struts to get the job done.
Identifying the problem your car at an earlier time is very important not only for your car’s performance but most importantly for your safety and your pocket. The most effective way of preventing accidents and serious car problems is to regularly check your car.

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